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Our Services

Social Casework Services

The Social Worker coordinates all services, both those offered by Brownstone and those arranged for through other agencies. The Social Worker advocates for participants both within the program and in the community.

Nursing Services

The Nurse provides the following services for participants: medication management, coordination/implementation of medical services as ordered by the physician, with the ADHC team, and family members; medical education for the participant and family, including training in self-medication and continence.

Personal Care

Grooming, dressing assistance with eating, toileting and transferring are provided by Program Aides and supervised by the Nurse.


Brownstone provides pick-up and return transportation services to their own homes in specially equipped vehicles. Emphasis is given on providing these services to those who would otherwise be subject to transportation hardship.


Nutritional counseling is provided by a Registered Dietitian on an individual basis in order to help participants maintain their prescribed diet and monitor their physical conditions.

Recreational and Social Activities

The Activities Coordinator assesses participants’ recreational and social needs in order to provide a planned schedule of independent or group activities such as: arts and crafts, reality orientation, education programs, physical activities, cultural experiences, and community outings. These activities are designed to encourage self-care, resumption of normal activities, or prevent further mental and physical deterioration.

Referral for optional health services

When so indicated by the Multidisciplinary Team, referrals are made for Dentistry, Audiology, Optometry, or Podiatry

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapist provides therapeutic exercise, gait training, community ambulating, transfer training, home programs, and relaxation training.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapist provides participants with self-help equipment, purposeful activities, home modification, and therapeutic exercises needed for personal care independence. Additionally, the Occupational Therapist assists in training and supportive activity programs to maintain and improve the participant’s level of functioning.

Speech Therapy

The Speech Therapist diagnoses and evaluates a variety of speech and language problems resulting from stroke, Parkinson’s disease, laryngectomy, and other conditions. The Speech Therapist develops and implements speech therapy treatment plans (speech exercise, writing exercises, etc.) and provides suggestions for home therapy procedures and communication strategies to participant’s family members, friends, and attendants.

Medical Supervision

Primary medical responsibility remains with the participant’s physician.  ADHC staff consult with the physician and provide information regarding changes, progress, etc.

Psychiatric and Psychological Services

Psychiatrist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker provides services when indicated by the Multidisciplinary Team. The LCSW or Psychiatrist will assess all participants with a primary or secondary mental health diagnosis, as well as those prescribed any psychiatric medications. Additionally, all participants with a history of or currently exhibiting behavioral problems are referred to the Psychiatrist and/or LCSW for assessment and intervention.

Emergency Services

Medical emergency services are available involving physician, hospital, and paramedic services. In any life-threatening situation, 911 is called.

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